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MSSP+ and The Monreal Way

Bill Monreal Headshot

Bill Monreal

Founder and CEO

A distinguished figure in the technology and cybersecurity landscape, Bill Monreal boasts an illustrious career spanning three decades. After attending The University of Akron, he embarked on his professional journey as a systems and network engineer. In 2001, driven by a vision rooted in unwavering principles of commitment, accountability, teamwork, integrity, and quality, Bill established Monreal IT – formerly Monreal Consulting.

Bill built his team of professionals and won his first network architecture project, a 6-year engagement, with a collaborative commerce venture originally between GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Bell & Howell. As the years passed, Bill was able to bring on Fortune 500 clients from all over the US and Monreal engaged in its first international project in 2007, refreshing infrastructure and security assets for the world’s largest clothing retailer at the time. While these projects were a feather in the cap for Bill, he longed to make a difference with SMBs in the Cleveland area. As time passed, Bill shifted his focus to that very demographic.

Evolution into Managed Services

From its inception, Monreal IT has been committed to delivering Managed Services Practice (MSP) services with an unwavering dedication to aligning processes with industry standards and best practices. In 2019, Bill strategically pivoted the company’s focus toward Managed Security Services Practice (MSSP) services, marking a transformative moment. This strategic shift has propelled Monreal IT into a new realm of growth and distinction.


It quickly became apparent that our cybersecurity posture was geared toward enterprises rather than those organizations most in need of IT managed services. It was a gap in the industry, actually, and a false dichotomy to boot. MSP vs MSSP - managed IT vs. managed cybersecurity. Why not both?

We set out to close the gap, and we came up with the unique MSSP+: all the management features of an MSP + the cybersecurity posture of an MSSP woven into the fabric of our every operation. This continues to set us apart from our competition and ensures that our customers experience unparalleled cybersecurity in a comfortable, managed fashion. 

The Monreal Difference
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