Redesigned and deployed a new wireless network for distribution centers

Client faced remediation necessities pertaining to wireless design with flaws in the WLAN. Several distribution centers were unable to communicate properly and function seamlessly as the peak season approached

Remediated and deployed security, wireless, and route/switch solutions

Client was facing downward pressure from its business partners in the financial sector. Nearly all of the client’s infrastructure was outdated and out of compliance with these business partners’ standards

Aligned client’s major vendor partners to successfully implement a unified wireless solution throughout multiple manufacturing facilities

Our client was frustrated with their existing global vendor’s inability to deliver seamless wireless network expansion without major disruptions to the business, thereby affecting manufacturing output

Case Study

Implemented wireless solutions across multiple locations deemed Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments by OSHA

Our client was under immense pressure to deploy a beta business system aimed at gaining radical efficiency at their production facilities

Strategically guided client through IT investment to implement Phase One of the Digital Transformation process, resulting in hyper-growth of their business

Our client engaged Monreal after being spun off by a major conglomerate in the chemicals industry. Through multiple ownership groups, Monreal was able to keep day-to-day operations running