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There are a lot of ways your computer can be infected. Ransomware can be delivered through phishing emails with malicious links and attachments. It can be delivered via Remote Desktop Connection, malicious websites, removable media devices, and even messaging apps.

Here are the things you can do when Ransomware strikes:

  1. Inform the IT Security team - Notify your IT team right away so they can execute the incident response plan.
  2. Isolate the Infected Machines - Disconnect devices from the network immediately. Disable your WI-FI and unplug your ethernet cable or any other networking capabilities.
  3. Inform Your Employees - Be transparent and explain to your employees how this attack can affect their jobs.
  4. Update the Login Credentials - Manage to change all admin and user credentials to ensure the process of system recovery.
  5. Take a photo of the ransom note - Make sure to take a photo as your evidence, it is helpful especially if you are claiming cyber insurance.
  6. Update security system - To prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities, you have to update the system and conduct a security audit.

These attacks can be really difficult to predict. Businesses should be resilient at all times by developing and implementing at least a minimum standard through updating software and patching or any necessary steps. Identifying assets is relevant, thus these organizations should know their assets so well because they cannot protect what they don’t know they have.

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