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All businesses, including SMB's, are targets for cyberattacks. 

Some Industry experts estimated that 60 percent of SMBs failed within 6 months of business operation because of cyber-attacks that include anything from data breaches, phishing scams, and malware attacks. Here are the most at-risk industries and sectors that appear to be cybercriminals’ favorites... for obvious reasons.


Public healthcare institutions and medical organizations are particularly susceptible because of their access to and store electronic healthcare records, which contain large amounts of personal information as well as financial details.


Cybercriminals have targeted some federal government agencies and military organizations mainly to monetize the abundant personal information and local databases. These attacks helped the foreign powers to spy and affect global competition and it directly impacted the daily lives and the security of our nation.

Energy Network

Despite the tough compliance laws, these energy networks and utility sectors still have great potential for hacktivism and cyberterrorism. Hackers can have the ability to access nuclear and power generation facilities that can cause widespread power outages that can affect critical security and infrastructure.

Financial Sector

It is not surprising that the banking and financial sector are highly at risk of these attacks because of their financial data, money and personal information. For the financial services sector to overcome the increasingly complex digital and cyber threats, it is really significant to maintain a reputable and trustworthy brand and services for the clients.


Telecom companies generally build, control, and operate infrastructure that is commonly used to communicate and store sensitive information such as customers' personal and financial data. All of this sensitive data is at risk because cyber-criminals are looking to blackmail customers, steal money, and conduct identity theft, and perform cyber-attacks.

Every organization or industry should be cyber resilient. Keep in mind that every business industry or government sector is always at risk of cyber-attacks, data breaches, ransomware, or any cybercriminals illegally accessing their network's processing power. Monreal IT can help you perform a good cyber resiliency strategy that protects and prevents your organization from the negative domino effect a single disruption can set off.

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