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Every organization should take data security seriously. A single attack could deeply harm your business. Don’t undervalue the basic security measures and you should always keep your data safe a top priority.

Here are some data security measures that will put you on the right path towards securing your data:

  • Setting up a firewall - to protect and control your network security, you should consider having firewalls.
  • Installing anti-virus protection - to help detect and remove viruses from your system, installing antivirus and anti-malware are absolutely necessary.
  • Updating your data - patching and updating your computers allow your data to be more secured.
  • Scheduling backups - scheduling incremental backups to external hard drives or cloud to store your data safely.
  • Using strong passwords - to create a strong password, you should use more characters, a combination of letters and symbols.
  • Restricting admin privileges - avoid handing over complete access to employees, to control who has the ability to make system-breaking changes to your network.
  • Mobile device management - connecting external devices to internal servers are a data security risk. BYOD is very common now, that is why using mobile device management software has become a must for data security.

There are a lot of security measures to take, but the best one is to be vigilant and to keep learning and improving your data safety measures. It has been reported that the average number of cybersecurity attacks per day is 600,000 and it’s still increasing. The target of these attacks and data theft is mostly small to medium businesses.

There’s no easy way to protect your organization but to follow basic security measures and your goal is to make life difficult for hackers.

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