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There are many ways to achieve sustainable cybersecurity to a level that is capable of withstanding cyber-attacks. It can only be sustainable when security resources are appropriately managed, implemented, and zealously preserved.

This long-term approach to sustainability can help minimize the cost but can also maximize its effectiveness. However, this requires a lot of time, effort, attention, and capital.

There are three pillars to consider when putting cybersecurity sustainability into practice.


Most companies provide security awareness training to their employees. It is important to offer them substantive and interactive security awareness training rather than a passive video to watch and do basic exercises. It is much more helpful to educate and provide them with tasks that would enhance their skills to recognize potential threats. If everyone in the organization becomes cyber-aware, identifying and reporting threats would be easier.


The key to an effective cyber security strategy is implementing the right processes. It is the backbone and the crucial part of sustainability because it defines how companies’ activities, documentation, procedures, and significant roles are used to mitigate information risks. To strengthen this pillar, a proper management system must be put in place. Aside from the fact that an organization's processes must be reviewed regularly, it will not be effective unless the people are following them correctly.

Data Protection

Among the three pillars, Data protection is the most technical. To identify and manage cyber security risks in a methodic and comprehensive manner, we need to consider the CIA triad which refers to an information security model. This model has three main components: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. CIA triad is used as a guide for establishing and maintaining the security policies in an organization.

At its core, these cybersecurity sustainability practices are all about using effective resources to strategically meet the needs of the network and organization.

Monreal IT is committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable and secure business continuity through the People, Process, and Data Protection Pillars. Contact us today and we can collaborate on your cybersecurity planning and implementation.

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