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Your IT needs inevitably increase as your business grows. As a small business, your IT budget depends on many factors. You have to consider the number of employees, e-commerce capabilities, and the nature of your business’s product or services.

Here are some questions to be considered when assessing your IT requirements. It helps when establishing a budget and determining whether you need to hire an MSP or an IT employee. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • How often are your systems targeted by cyberattacks?
  • How many of your employees work remotely?
  • How much computing power do you need to effectively run the business?
  • Do you engage in e-commerce to sell your product and services?
  • How much business would be lost during the downtime of your system?

Here are some points to examine the costs of hiring MSP versus a dedicated IT professional:

  • IT Employee

First, hiring an additional employee to help with IT functions is very costly. The average IT professional makes $63,000 per year, $5,250 per month. Assembling a small team of IT employees could set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you think your business could bring in enough income to sustain this added cost?

Second, there will inevitably be times when you don’t require much of any IT assistance, leaving in-house teams with free time at your expense.

  • MSP

On average, MSP charges $130 per user per month or you only pay for the IT services you require. There are many cost savings. Investing in new equipment or paying for additional training is not needed, with no healthcare insurance or other benefits to provide.  Therefore, there is no need to accommodate a team of full-time IT employees in your company.

An MSP will leave you confident that your needs are being met by a team with adequate skills to remediate any situation and manage your technology. They also serve as an additional resource by providing helpful skills to support a more strategic approach to IT and frees you up to focus on running and growing a successful business.

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