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if you think that your organization or portfolio is just too small to be targeted, you could be wrong. According to a security firm that tracks data breaches, there were 65,000 successful ransomware attacks in 2020.

Small to mid-sized organizations make up a large portion of businesses targeted by cyber threats, cyberattacks are now becoming more of a ‘when’ than ‘if’ as companies of all sizes connect more of their products and services operations online.

It’s at risk of a cyber threat if your business has data, technology, and money. Now, how do you protect your assets? Facility executives should understand that Cybersecurity is not a one-time investment, but an ongoing process. Businesses should implement a periodic assessment of their systems to evaluate their degree of connectivity, monitoring data that is going in and out of those systems, and who has access to it. It is important to develop a security program that includes routine training and updating of response protocols.

There are six steps to protect your organizations against Cyber and Ransomware attacks:

  • Assess your vulnerability risk to a cyber threat
  • Identify and protect sensitive business and personal information
  • Establish a secure backup system
  • Monitor and create a plan to react to security incidents
  • Provide security training and evaluation
  • Consider obtaining cyber insurance

Having a better understanding of the environment, learning how to mitigate the attack, responding, and resuming operations, these things can be really difficult to know where to begin and overwhelming. Cybersecurity is an ongoing process and you need to start getting a solution that’s right for your business and your employees. Now is the right time to kickstart your journey to becoming secure.

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