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Relying on hardware and software tools to defend your system against cybersecurity is not enough. It is important to implement a cybersecurity solution that accounts human factor. A human firewall can be the best help for your defense.

So, what is a human firewall and why should we have it? A human firewall is actually an ongoing education and training on cybersecurity awareness and threat environment for qualified employees in your organization. They will be trained and required to implement security practices. Eventually, they are expected to report any suspicious activities.

Everyone in the organization should be considered as part of the human firewall. Developing this structure in your company will give you some major benefits such as follows:

  • Prevent human errors - educating employees the importance of implementing network security solutions that can prevent human error like opening a suspicious emails and attachments, from escalating into a data breach.
  • Malware reduction - securing your network is important. Trained employees should know how malware works and gets installed when they click on malicious pop-ups or ads and how it can infect the device.
  • Curbing insider threats - a security breach that uses social engineering tactics to carry out insider threats, it may be resentful employees or business partners. Keeping your company information secured is the main goal of having human firewall.
  • Prevent Data theft and loss of devices - Part of the awareness training is educating your staff to have an anti-theft protection on their devices, and teach them how to protect and secure their devices and information to avoid the network from intruders.

Empowering a strong security mindset in all of your employees and make them part of the human firewall is really significant to protect your network from threats and attacks.

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