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One of the notable trends for cloud security today is what they call Cybersecurity Mesh.

Cybersecurity Mesh is not your traditional top-bottom approach but a flexible approach to network security. It is defined as an IT security infrastructure design where you create a smaller individual perimeter around each access point or node of an IT network. The access points can be managed from a centralized point of authority. Each node has its own perimeter that can be maintained and tracked at different levels of access by the IT network manager.

This mesh will help enhance your Zero Trust protection strategy. Ensuring secure access to your devices, services, cloud applications, and data from uncontrolled devices.

Here are some benefits of the Cybersecurity Mesh:

  • Responsive and practical security approach
  • Redefined cybersecurity perimeter
  • Distributed architectural approach
  • Preventing hackers from exploiting the network

Cybersecurity Mesh can actually make a difference. You can start by creating a roadmap to bring cloud security and other cybersecurity solutions together.

With our dedicated IT consulting services, you can start asking for help about taking advantage of this new security trend, cybersecurity mesh.

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