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Would you take advice and tips from a reformed hacker to protect your organization from ransomware attacks?

Recently, ransomware cases have been increasing. As a matter of fact, the total number of cases this year exceeds the same period in 2020 by 150% including the recent attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods. Small businesses are already practicing some cyber protection basics such as using unique passwords for different accounts and private internet connections, etc. A known reformed hacker known as ‘Johnny Xmas’ would like to “reveal the magician’s secrets” and give us some Ransomware protection tips.Johnny Martinelli, "Xmas", is a key player in the Information Security community and is most well-known for his work on the TSA Master Key leaks between 2014 and 2018. He is currently working for Kasada, an Australian firm, to defend against web infrastructure attacks. He has a long history of working in IT security and on the physical security of financial and physical institutions.

Xmas recommends the following protection steps against ransomware for your organization:

  1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Installation for all user logins
  2. Vendors must have adequate cyber-protection systems and protocols
  3. Provide workers with the basic computer interface and not use personal computers
  4. Assign a Cybersecurity and IT support team
  5. Conduct a regular backups audit
  6. Be aware of phishing attacks as they are the quickest way to compromise a system
  7. Monitoring for both failed and successful login attempts
At every turn, ransomware keeps evolving, as it grew by a magnitude of 35 times last year. It’s getting smarter and costlier with demands that have increased to millions of dollars. Hackers are everywhere, targeting unsuspecting businesses. The above-mentioned tips from a hacker might save your business.

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